Everyone gets a trial

You have to try something before you use it so we will give you a free trial.

Not just any old trial but a whole month to kick the tyres, look under the hood and decide if it's for you.


Our pricing is geared to matching your business need which is why we have used a pay as you go model based on number of stations(bait boxes, traps, tin cats, fly killers) being tracked and the type of service you require.

That way we can match your pest management reporting and analysis needs. 

Frequently asked questions

We cover fly killers, bait traps, tin cats, crawling insect traps. 

Yes, group managers can define groups and add facilities to those groups. This way they are able to compare relevant facilities. This grouping could be done by region or type e.g all meat facilities, or country or any grouping the manager wants.

Yes we can do this. Each pest contractor has access to PestTREND and adds the service reports for the facilities they cover. You get a complete view of all the facilities and are able to drill down into any of the facilities for more detail.

Yes you can bring in up to 3 years worth of historical data. Depending upon which service package you select we can do this migration but we obviously need your help to access the old system.

You will have to purchase another 1000 trap bundle to cover the difference. At the end of each month we count the number of traps being monitored and charge accordingly.

For a small fee (free for the fully serviced package) we do all the initial setup for you. You just need to supply us with the data. 

Depending upon the service package your have selected we will input historical service report data for you.

Our “Basic service” and “Fully serviced” packages include our team adding new data as it arrives. Please note the “Basic service” is limited to 4 service reports per month and a maximum of 10 service recommendations . 

Yes. Everyone who wants access to any data on PestTrend has to be registered with the service. That way we can control who has access and track who changes the data. Keeps everyone safe and secure.

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