Instant reporting for all is brilliant. No-one has to do any preparation of the data for the report. 

Just select the report and parameters then its done !

Multiple locations

Having to schedule and monitor multiple locations is hard, particularly if you have to travel. Save time and money by centrally collecting and storing the data for all your sites. No need to be visiting sites to view records when it can be done from your desk.

It also means that stakeholders such as auditors and clients who may not be at your site can also access the data without having to come to your office.b

Your Journey. Your data.

The pest control service data belongs to the site the data was gathered on. Because we are not attached to a single pest contractor changing your pest contractor becomes easy. You just give your new guys a login, remove access for your old guys and everything is good. No data migration required

Totally Integrated Pest Management

Bench marking

To track or monitor anything you need to establish a point of reference

Trend analysis

You have to account for the skewing factors to get good results and accurate early warning

Action tracking

Monitoring the progress of the decisions you have made is critical to their impact


It helps when you have more than just your eyes watching out for key issues

our expertise, your gain


We take care of all the technical parts. No need for you to worry about servers and software. The best bit it does not involve you buying extra expensive hardware.


Data backups and who has access to the data is our problem. We are the ones who ensure the latest fixes are in place to prevent those nasty viruses corrupting your data

Cloud based

You reap the benefits of it being all cloud based such access from all internet enabled devices and our unique pay according to usage model, keeping your costs down

Customer portal

Now your clients can login from any internet enabled device and gain access to their service records.

We can even brand it with your logo and provide you with the link directly from your company website.