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The fast and easy way to
Electronic Pest control reporting

The process is simple. You just send us your service reports and we load the reports into PestTrend, our cloud based service. Now you and your clients get to do all the trend analysis and reporting of the pest control service reports online. 

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Our Headline features

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Your Journey. Your data.

The pest control service report data belongs to the facility the data was gathered on. Because we are not attached to a single pest contractor, handling multiple facilities or even multiple pest contractors becomes easy. Each facility and contractor has their own unique login and only see’s the facility they service.

The director of all facilities sees everything.

No data migration required if contractors change, just adjust who has access.

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Everyone gets a free trial

You have to try something before you use it so we will give you a free trial.

Not just any old trial but a whole month to kick the tyre's, look under the hood and decide if it's for you.

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Our pricing is geared to matching your business need which is why we have used a pay as you go model based on number of stations(bait boxes, traps, tin cats, fly killers) being tracked.

That way you can start small and we can grow with you. 

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