Why get your pest control data online

Any good process always needs a feedback loop. If your eyes didn’t tell you where you were going then walking in a straight line would be a difficult thing to do.

So in your pest control process you have to be able to assess if your efforts are having an impact.

Typically someone is contracted to do the pest control and the output from that work is usually a written report of what has been done and some recommendations to deal with potential problems found.

All very straightforward I hear you say.

So how do you assess if your pest control is adequate and how do you decide if you need to spend some of your precious budget on shoring up potential problem areas.

Your clients and standards auditors also need to satisfy themselves that you have everything under control and they will certainly not take your word for it that everything is good. They want facts.

So where do you start to do your analysis.

Easy stuff

  • You can check that at least the pest contractor has visited the contracted number of times.
  • You can check that all pest traps have been checked and serviced where appropriate. Easy if you have a small number of traps to check. Starts getting harder when the numbers go up.
  • Review the recommendations from the pest contractor and decide which ones to implement.


A standard method to do an analysis is to establish a benchmark to compare with. This allows you to see if your pest control efforts are successful or not i.e is this year’s figures better or worse than the average for my site.

The obvious target for using as a benchmark is the catches in the pest traps.

There are a number of issues which have to taken into account when analysing the catches:

  • Each pest trap will have its own catch profile. i.e the fly killer in the closed in production room will kill less flies than the fly killer in the exposed goods in warehouse.
  • You cannot compare pest traps of different types i.e EFK and bait traps
  • Varying service schedules for the different trap types
  • Seasonality means that you cannot compare catches from month to month
  • Catches may not be valid if service intervals are erratic or trap is not working

So establishing that benchmark is going to take a bit of effort and that effort gets multiplied by the number of pest traps you have.

So what is the answer.

Simple. Get a computer to crunch the numbers for you and then you focus on the analysis of the result and managing the exceptions.

In order to allow the computer to number crunch you have to get your data into an electronic form.

Your options are:

  • Do it yourself on a spreadsheet
  • Hire someone to do the magic with the spreadsheet
  • Use an online service

Now each of the options above has good and bad points and a lot depends upon your setup but the point is that to do a proper benchmark analysis you are going to need help from a computer so that pest control data has to be in an electronic format.

The online service obviously gets our vote but using an online service has other benefits as well. There include:

  • Not having to worry about additional IT or software as a simple computer with internet access is all that is required
  • Being able to share access securely with clients and standards auditors both internal and external
  • Not being limited geographically as multiple sites in different locations can be analysed from any internet access point

So I go ahead and use a service to do the number crunch. What do I get in return for my efforts.

Well now you can start to make informed decisions based on facts. Such decisions could be:

  • How well has my pest contractor performed
  • Are all of the pest traps I have performing as would be expected for the location they are in and that time of year
  • For the pest traps which are not performing what further investigation should I do. This means you are now managing the exceptions. Much better use of your time.

So by getting your pest control data online you could take a major step forward in saving yourself time, being better placed to make the right decision and create huge confidence in your clients and auditors that you are doing an extremely good job

We will delve a bit deeper into how we assess the different aspects of performance in our next blog update but in the meantime start thinking about getting your pest control data online.

I would live to hear your comments and feedback so please comment and feel free to share this with anyone you think has a view on this.



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