Hello and welcome to the PestTrend blog

It is a great pleasure to be posting for the first time on our new blog. We will aim to bring useful ideas and information to you over the coming months focusing predominantly on making better or more use of your pest control data to make your life easier.

If you feel you would like to contribute with a relevant article of your own then please feel free to contact us.

Our expertise is in information technology and data analytics, your expertise or responsibility is pest control. Our objective is to combine your strengths and our strengths to produce a first class team who work efficiently and smartly together.

Pest control is a key part of any business and critical to the success of many manufactured products. Key to any process is measuring, monitoring and where possible predicting potential problems early to enable the right decisions to be made. Unfortunately the measuring and monitoring part of the pest control process is hard and time consuming. The predicting part is even harder because of the number of variable external factors such as seasonality, weather and access to traps to name but a few. We are trying to take away that pain which will allow you to get on with job of making decisions based on fact.

The handling of the pest control data is critical and that is where our expertise joins with the efforts of your hard work.

So if you are a pest contractor, quality manager, facilities manager, site owner or have an interest in pest control then be part of this discussion.

Looking forward to the next article which will be on “Why get your pest control data online”.

P.S. If you signup for webinar updates or register for trial of the product or register on the blog to comment then we will notify you when we next add to the blog.

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